Sustainability with TLC

Sustainability with TLC

To continue our support of Earth Day, we want to take the time to go in to detail on what it means to be practicing sustainability.

Earth Day is an annual event on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection. As a clothing company we must hold ourselves accountable for taking the right steps towards a more sustainable world. We are committed to creating a positive future for the fashion industry where waste is recycled and reused. 

We work with 2 small factories in China. Each factory has a small team of workers earning a living wage and boast high staff retention rates. Any excess work in the factory is paid accordingly. We pledge to meet or exceed the 
Global Living Wage coalitions regional guide to living wage.

Following along, it is essential to take the correct steps in our own TLC home.

Here are some of the practices we follow:

  • Our return forms are made from recycled card stock and your packages are shipped to you in compostable/recyclable mailer bags and wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.
  • If you need to return a garment, our compostable/recyclable mailer bags can be reused.
  • Always using natural and/or recycled fabrics to make the garments.
  • We are always looking for ways to streamline our processes and make our pieces affordable and wearable for seasons to come. 
  • Fees and charges from billing organisations such as Paypal and Afterpay are absorbed by us. What you receive from us is of the highest quality, chosen with intention and designed for all.
  • We offer several payment methods to allow more ways to pay.
  • Offering a buy, sell, swap facebook group for our community 
  • Using solar power and compost bins at the Lullaby Club HQ.



What can you as a customer do to stay sustainable?

If you are wondering what little things you can put in place to shop sustainably, here are a few tips:

  • Research products and companies before purchasing
  • Choosing eco-friendly washing products to keep the longevity of your garments (we recommend the The Dirt Company)
  • Wash the essentials but not all pieces have to be washed after every wear
  • Following washing instructions for all fabric types
  • Building your own capsule wardrobe 
  • Utilising buy, sell and swap pages


We hope that these small steps and further insights can encourage you to continue walking a more sustainable path with us.

Check out some of our latest garment care reels posted during this years Earth Week @thelullabyclub, made alongside @thedirtcompany.

Love TLC x 

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