Social responsibility.

At TLC, social responsibility is vital. We ensure fair wages for all workers involved in crafting our clothes, even as we grow. We partner with small, values-aligned factories in China. Their small teams earn living wages, fostering supportive environments with high staff retention. Extra work means fair compensation. We're dedicated to an ethical, sustainable supply chain, striving for a positive impact. Your support furthers our commitment to a fairer fashion world.

Environmental Responsibility

At TLC, we're committed to an eco-conscious future. Our return forms and packaging are eco-friendly, supporting our environmental goals. We use compostable mailer bags, encouraging reuse. Plus, our garments are crafted from natural or recycled fabrics, minimizing our impact while offering quality and style. We aim for affordable, long-lasting fashion and cover fees from payment organizations for your convenience. With various payment options, we ensure a flexible shopping experience. Thanks for joining us in creating a more sustainable and inclusive fashion world!

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