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style tip: how to style your lounge shirt 3 ways.

style tip: how to style your lounge shirt 3 ways.

style tips: 3 ways to wear your lounge shirt

We absolutely love our Lounge Set and did you know this style now also comes available in a Lounge Shirt and Lounge Pant option!

At the Lullaby Club we are all about being as sustainable and slow fashion as we can, we encourage making the most out of your pieces.

Do you want to know how to refresh a style thats already in your wardrobe? Here is 3 fun ways to style your Lounge Shirt!

Look #1 wrap and tuck!

Step one: Unbutton your Lounge Shirt and tuck in your collars, firmly folding them inside.

Step two: Pull one side over and tuck this into your Lounge Shorts or Lounge Pants.

Step three: Repeat with the other side.

Step four: You can tuck in the back of the shirt or leave it untucked for a more relaxed look!

Dress up your casual outfit with this hack and a statement earring for drinks with the girls!

Look #2 is our backless bow style!

Step one: Tuck in your collar and put this style on back to front (stay with me here)!

Step two: Ensuring all your collar is firmly folded inside tie a bow with the two sides of your top or a knot for something slightly different!

This style is so simple but wow is it a vibe! With a high neck front and a low back this can be worn dressed up or down.

Pair this look with our Abby or Lounge Pants with a little heel and this is the ultimate date night fit!

Look #3 tied and cropped.

Step one: Fold your collar in for a more seamless look or leave it out for a more casual style.

Step 2: grab both sides of your Lounge Shirt, tie these in a bow for a fun effortless look!

Your Lounge Shirt styled like this is a statement top, think Lounge Shorts or denim shorts a pair of sandal and spring picnics!

We absolutely love these three looks and we love seeing you all in our TLC pieces!

Give these hacks a try and tag us @thelullabyclub in your styling pics x

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