With Love, From France! - Marion Gruber

With Love, From France! - Marion Gruber

Bonjour Marion! Our bohemian, earth-toned style goddess of headwear for le babies Et le babes. (Obvs can’t speak French - just want to sound exotic!)

Marion is mama to Romy and James and wife to Guillaume who is a knockout with a camera.

Marion your picturesque life appears to adorn several incredible landscapes across the world. Is travel something you’ve always made a priority? Has it changed at all since your journey into motherhood?

Yes, it definitely is! When I was younger, I saved all my money to travel. This was my top priority, and my boyfriend who is now my husband too! We traveled a lot together for the past 13 years, and it has not changed with our two kids. I’ve always dreamt to do so with my own family and this is the best experience for us as parents, to be able to share what we love most with them. Honestly, we love it even more now that they are here with us!



Where would you and your babies consider ‘home’?

I think our new home in the south west of France really feels like home now. But wherever I’m with my children and Guillaume, I’m home.


Your style is an eclectic mix of bohemian and grunge - does it alter chameleon-style depending on your coordinates on a map or is it a more consistent portrayal of your unique self?

I think it’s how I grew up! I met my husband on MySpace as we were both listening to hardcore emo / punk rock / alternative bands, so my rocker side is still really there as it’s still the kind of music I’m mostly listening to. As for the boho part... I’ve always been like that I might say!


Not a stranger to an oversized fit or a dungaree number, is comfort something that is crucial to you in your everyday style? I love the way you combine chunky knits with airy linen yet still look polished & super chic.

OH YES ! Thank you ! Comfort really is the most important thing in fashion. I could not wear something that I don’t feel comfortable in. I love mixing fabrics, fit... but oversized always been my favourite thing since I’m quite tall (1,80m). I love wearing anything I could also wear at home, lounging, so for that it’s my turn to tell you I love what you do ! It’s soooo comfy!

The Lullaby Club pride ourselves on releasing pieces that are effortlessly complimentary regardless of your location. What trans-continental items do you think we should do next?

ROMPERS ! Rompers ! I love rompers so much ! With your colours and linen, that would be beautiful!


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