The Goods We Found

The Goods We Found

Welcome Charlotte, Harry, Boston and new addition - Goldie Dune. The Lullaby Club has become enraptured with your sweet Lil’ fam bam and would love to know more!

Charlotte! Thanks for being a Lullaby Club muse - we adore all the things you love! (And all the goods you’ve found!) Tell us about your life! Family, where you live, what you love!

Ohh thanks so much!! My husband and I have been married nearly 6 years and now have 2 amazzzing babes, Boston (3yrs) and Goldie (3 weeks). We always gravitate towards the ocean and small beach towns - we currently are living in the country 10 mins from a small beach town and it feels like we have to drive foreveeeer to get the sea. We love the beach (surf and long days in the sun), travel and food.

You’d be forgiven for thinking - at a glance - that your feed is in fact a collection of images straight from the seventies! It FEELS so authentically retro and I’m utterly in love with how this is so. Tell me, has this always been your vibe? Quintessential beach life sprinkled with throwback charm, back to a simpler existence?

Wow I think you just described us better than I ever have haha, I love that! Yes I guess for me it has been - growing up things were always simple as we had a big family and not a lot of money but we always lived walking distance to the beach. Opshops and hand me downs were our norm and luckily I loved that. Right from a young age I adored finding pieces that were different and no one else had. So not much has changed except I now really appreciate the artisan work of clothes designers and like to mix beautiful new and old pieces. Also, I love the idea that we actually don't need much to be happy - we just need our people and nature essentially, nice things are a bonus.

When did you realise that the goods you found were much sought after by other like minded families? What inspired the account to come to fruition?

The account actually started as a vintage homeware and clothing store - surprise surprise haha. And it just happened to really take off. I noticed that whenever I posted anything about me or our family that the posts would get lots of attention. When I became pregnant with Goldie I lost the desire to source goods and I knew it wouldnt be as sustainable with a newborn and 2 year old so I decided to just be a lifestyle/ travel Instagram and see where it took us. And luckily this has also been successful. We have some cool plans for the near future which we are so excited about and cant wait to share.

Your family has such a natural, effortless style, whether you are at home or on the go. Would you say that’s important in the style of clothing you wear? What is your go-to when looking for clothing for yourself and your fam?

For us at this stage of life - with kids and travel we need clothes that are comfortable. So flowy linen pieces are great, relaxed oversized tees, comfortable sandals/sneakers etc. It's so good that brands are creating pieces like this now which are comfortable and look good too. We don't have to wear hoodies and black trackies with ugg boots anymore to be 'comfy'. We love natural colours but every now and then I love a colour pop especially with vintage.

What do you love about Lullaby Club? Is the Lounge Set something you would pack often with your travels? What else would you like to see from us?

Following on from answer above - I love that The Lullaby Club has families in mind - beautiful comfortable pieces that you can look great in too. They can be worn around the house with sandals but also out and about with boots. I am in love with the lounge set, especially after having a baby (perfect for breastfeeding) I have been living in it and it will be coming on all my travels. I would love to see some more womens pieces from TLC as I love your style and the colourways - maybe a loose fit jumpsuit with buttons up the front so I can breastfeed easily while wearing it.

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Words by Nikki

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