Scorpio | Behind the print

Scorpio | Behind the print

At The Lullaby Club, we're always on a mission to infuse our collections with distinctive character and charm.

Our upcoming Scorpio collection, named in homage to the passionate and devoted Scorpio astrological sign, is a testament to this commitment.

Join us in this journal post where we will unveil the artistic vision and craftsmanship behind this exciting lounge capsule, releasing during the Scorpio season.


The Inspiration Behind the Print:

The Scorpio collection pays homage to the Scorpio astrological sign, known for its loyalty, devotion, and, of course, its passionate nature.

As we release this collection during the Scorpio season, we aim to capture the essence of this sign.

Imagine summer days by the pool, sipping margaritas under the sun, and feeling effortlessly chic. The Scorpio collection embodies this spirit, infusing a touch of elegance with a funky twist into our classic lounge pieces.

Unveiling the Embroidered Elements:

The Scorpio print is a visual delight that boasts a delightful array of elements.You'll find a playful scorpion, a stylish martini glass, a classic salt shaker, and a sizzling chilli pepper, all carefully embroidered onto our lounge pieces.

The touch of embroidery elevates the overall look and feel of the collection, while also appearing as a TLC first.

Designer Notes:

The Caliente print is a hand pieced design created by our talented designer, Alex. This marks a significant milestone as one of the first self-drawn prints by Alex, adding a personal touch that radiates throughout the collection.

"My aim in creating the scorpion print was to merge strength and elegance into a single design. Offering our customers a versatile and enjoyable lounge collection that embodies both power and grace."

"Creating out first embroidered collection has been an exciting process. I carefully created design elements and embroidery techniques to deliver a beautiful range of clothing that combines style and comfort."

- Alex, general manager & designer.

Below magnifies the two colour-ways featured on the Lacey Pants, Lacey Shorts, Lacey Shirt, Lacey Crop & Essential Tees.

White Caliente

Black Caliente


We are beyond excited to share the Scorpio Collection with you all and cannot wait to see how you style it and make it your own.

Stay tuned for further styling, try-on's and launch content via our Instagram & TikTok as we further approach launch day.

Happy shopping!

Love TLC x 

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