Meet LA Mama: Morgan Saurez

Meet LA Mama: Morgan Saurez

Introducing: Morgan Suarez!

Queen of lounge sets, dreamy earth hues and natural fabrics, Morgan is a TLC (The Lullaby Club) Mama all the way over on the east coast of LA.

Morgan, your penchant for rompers and matchy sets has us lusting after your feed - what is the most important thing you consider when purchasing new threads?

I loooove me a good set and romper! I’ve had a lot of trial and error when purchasing clothing. I used to buy random a random top or bottom, something that was super cute but not super comfortable or really only for special occasions. I’d wear it once or twice, then end up purging my closet every month or so. Now I search for pieces that I will live in, things that are easy to throw on, I don’t have to think about matching, and comfortable, always. I’m a much happier person when my clothes are comfortable. And I get stressed out standing in front of my closet every morning trying to come up with an outfit.

Your style expression is consistent whether in California or Copenhagen, with a few nuances in print or colour mixed in at times. Do you follow fashion trends in each season to mix in with your foundation style or are your prints and patterned pieces chosen at a whim, or by your mood?

Again, lots of trial and error here too. I used to follow trends and it took me a long time to find my own style, so now I just wear what I like, whether it’s trending or not. I definitely choose my outfits based on my mood! Sometimes I’ll go through seasons where I love color and creating fun combinations. Other seasons all I want to wear are neutrals or whatever color is my favorite at the moment. When traveling I like to coordinate my outfits with the scenery and overall vibe of the city, it’s fun to challenge myself creatively by mixing up my style but still not stepping away from what’s ME.

Your girls Ever and Sola rock sets just like mama. Is this something you consciously shop for, or do you just happen to be drawn to the gorgeous, softly muted sets?

Yes, 100%! Sets are just sooo easy. I found myself dressing them in the same outfits all the time and neglecting the one off pieces, so now I only really shop for sets or pieces that go together so I don’t have to think about an outfit every day. Ever is very picky about her clothes now that she’s a threenager, so if it’s not comfortable, she won’t wear it. And if it’s not pink, she’ll maybe wear it but probably not. Thankfully Sola doesn’t have a say yet :P

What would you love for TLC to bring about in the coming year?

Definitely more comfy matching sets for both mama and kids in both linens and cottons!

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 Words by Nikki

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