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2 Simple Ways To Care For Your Lullaby Club Garment

2 Simple Ways To Care For Your Lullaby Club Garment

Taking care of your Lullaby Club garments is so important. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. Doing so increases the life cycle of your garments  

2. Reduces waste. Taking care of your garment means it will remain wearable and will avoid ending up in landfill.

3. Emissions of a piece of clothing can be reduced by 24% over the year by doubling its useful life from one to two years.

1. Follow wash instructions

  • Linen, much like cotton, does have a tendency to shrink. For that reason, avoid washing linen clothes in hot water and opt for either warm or cold water; if your linen is a vibrant or dark colour, stick with cold to avoid fading.
    • Linen is best washed with a mild detergent
    • Hand wash only - no machine washing. (please see instructional video below)
    • Avoid the use of fabric softener, and never use bleach on linen clothing, even if it's white.
    • Avoid wringing the fabric. Because of the way linen fibres are structured, over-handling can cause damage.

    how to wash your lullaby club clothing.

  • When air drying, either lay the garment flat on a towel or use a drying rack in the shade; avoid hangers, which will leave unsightly dent marks unless they're padded.
  • Dark colours will fade when dried in the sun— please avoid drying your linen in the sun if you want to keep your colours fresh.
  • If you feel as though your linen has shrunk steam your garment. Start from the mid section and gently pull down, this will help relax the fabric back to its original size.

  • how to steam your lullaby club clothing.

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