Behind the print | Art by Saint

Behind the print | Art by Saint

As the curtains rise, allow us to introduce the incredibly talented artist herself, Art by Saint, the mind behind the masterpiece that graces our latest collection, Dolce.

But that's not all – nestled in the heart of this collection lies the essence of everything we stand for at The Lullaby Club: comfort, inclusivity, sustainability, and a dash of that irresistible Mediterranean flair.

Follow along as we go 'Behind the print' and deep dive into Art by Saint's story and what inspires her.


How did Art by Saint come to be and what drives your passion for creating art?

Art By Saint started as a rekindling of my lifelong love of art. Ever since I was a kid, I've been all about painting, drawing, and just letting my creative juices flow.  My husband and I have a love for all things creative. We constantly are talking and sharing ideas around concepts, branding and ways to communicate effectively through design.

This was where we first really began our business. We have been deep in the world of graphic design, photography and film for a solid two decades. But then, the world shifted, and we found ourselves in lockdown. It was like a creative reset button had been pushed. Suddenly, I had the time and space to dive back into the world of making art.

So, with brushes and colours in hand, I set out on this journey of rediscovery. Art By Saint was born out of that desire to reconnect with my artistic roots, to embrace the canvas once more after all those years of pixels. It's like coming full circle, merging my design skills with my passion for painting, and sharing it all with the world.

I guess you could say what drives me is this constant need to keep things fresh and exciting. It's about turning the wild ideas in my head into something real, something you can touch and feel. Art by Saint is my way of sharing this vibrant energy and capturing all the amazing vibes that surround us.

The Mediterranean atmosphere of the Dolce print exudes various colours and textures. How did you select the palette and textures that best captured this atmosphere in your artwork?

I totally leaned into warm, inviting vibes for this one – picture sunset hues, terracotta charm, and those earthy, grounding tones. I wanted it to feel like you could touch the sun-soaked walls, feel the breeze through palm leaves, and run your fingers over those rustic vases. When you check out the Dolce print, it's like stepping into that sunny, vibrant world where every colour and texture is all about embracing the good life.

Your art has beautifully merged with these pieces. How does it feel to see your artwork translated onto clothing and making a statement?

Seeing my art on the The Lullaby Club clothes is like a total pinch-me moment! It's honestly a bit surreal and incredibly exciting at the same time. As an artist, you create something from your heart, and then to see it come to life on clothing, making a statement – it's like my creative journey has taken this awesome detour into the world of fashion.

And of course, what is your favourite item from the Dolce collection?

Ah, that's a tough one because I'm kind of in love with all of them, but if I had to pick just one, I'd say the Loungewear Set. It is perfect for Spring/Summer.  


We are so grateful to have this experience with Renee and create such meaningful, elegant pieces. Dolce is the ultimate Spring/Summer collection and we cannot wait to share this with you all.

You can purchase the incredible Art by Saint's work via her website and follow her on Instagram, @artbysaint.

Stay tuned on our Instagram & TikTok for more information, prices and size guides as we creep closer to our launch date next Wednesday. 

Love TLC x

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