Bad ass mama, Porshia Hernandez

Bad ass mama, Porshia Hernandez

This week's #TLCbabe is the fiercest, realest yet. Introducing bad ass mama, Porshia Hernandez. Mama to 5, wife, photographer and momentum-keeper of the #BLM movement, which is exactly what it needs, to keep MOVING. To be part of our day, everyday. 

As a proud Woman of Colour, Porshia is out here, calling out bullshit and non-stop educating folk on how they can be better. Do better. Speak up, show up, and become an ally.

Firstly, Porshia, thank you. For enduring the emotional labour you do, daily, to push privileged white people to stand beside you as allies. It educates us as a brand, and holds us accountable.

We may stumble, and we may trip, and we apologise in advance and will keep apologising if we do! Just know here at The Lullaby Club we are learning with intention and open hearts and minds, and we are working daily to increase our knowledge and understanding in diversifying ourselves as a brand. As a fellow small business owner, we want to continue this journey of growth with you.


TLC: You are a QUEEN. Raising four strong, faithful boys, plus a pint-sized princess by the name of Hosanna. Oh, my gosh, she is simply divine. We NEED to see her in our new pieces - is there anything you have your eye one? To be matchy-matchy with your mini queen (#momgoals am I right?!)? I can see you both rocking matching smock dresses. Or lounging in mama/mini lounge sets. I DIE.

Porshia: Oh gosh yes!!! Love your pieces so much I’m sure anything you send we would just be obsessed with as well already are over what we currently have from your shop! 

Your sons Julio, Israel (Iz), EJ and Gabe are so lovingly and thoughtfully represented as their own selves. With five littles, you manage to capture - and honour - each of your sons individual quirks and personalities. Being able to portray their essence creatively via photography yet so maternally in your words, is truly a testament to your wonderful parenting - I hope you and your King feel utter pride in the way you parent!


TLC: Your honesty and direct approach is SO refreshing and needed in this over-filtered, white-washed, sunshine and lollipops Instagram world. You are unapologetically you, and we are HERE for it. Your very raw post after you found out baby #5 was on his way just four mere months after Hosanna's birth, was so vulnerable. I can only imagine so many women being in that circumstance and finding comfort in your words, and solidarity in your transparency. It's a very rare trait to see in the influencer world. Your page goes much deeper and so far beyond fashion and style, photography and parenthood, where does your strength come from? I can only imagine it would come with a fair side-order of trolls and ignorant keyboard warriors, what keeps you on your path? 

Porshia: I shockingly don’t have to deal with trolls I think people know I don’t take no “sh*t and know I can hold my own so people tend to leave me be and just unfollow which is great haha! I’ve always been one to stand up for myself I am a believer. So that strength comes from the Lord. I grew up in a terrible environment where I was abused and shut down and as I grew up I told myself I would never let anyone treat me less than what I deserve.  

TLC: You and your hubs are highschool sweethearts - was it love at first sight?! Stealing kisses between lessons?? Tell us more!

Porshia: haha! Before facebook there was good ole MySpace! We he was too shy to come up to me in person so he hit up the MySpace DMs and it was history from there! We went to prom together enjoyed all the senior year festivities together! It’s such a blessing to look back and be able to share those same memories. 

TLC: You and your husband patiently waited, faithfully, for your baby girl. But in the interim - ENTER STAGE LEFT, GIGI! We are *slightly* dog mad here at TLC. You mentioned you did 'ridiculous things' to Gigi whilst awaiting the tiny Queen Hosanna - we want DETAILS!

Porshia: I’m such a loser lol I would put bows on her and sometimes even cute socks. I’ve definitely chilled sense having our human daughter lol 

TLC: Our little biz is family run and Marisa our co-owner, is also the face behind the lens. As a mama of two littles running a small business - how do you as a mama of 5 keep your own photography business going? Do you sleep? What's your secret? 

P: I feel like I’m still learning one thing I had to do is cut back on my load. I used to pretty much do it all when it came to photography and I realised last year that can’t happen. Weddings are a lot as it is and it’s where I want to give me full attention to. So I decided to stop photographing families full time so I could balance my marriage , children and wedding photography better. It was the best decision! 

TLC: Porshia thank you for being such an icon, such a voice - an influencer in the highest regard. One who has the platform, power and passion to make actual change in our troubled world. We can't wait to see your glorious body adorned in more TLC. We <3 you always.

Porshia: You guys are the best!!!
Words by Nikki
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  • Nikki

    My proudest interview yet. What a boss mama

  • Renai

    Loved this post celebrating and highlighting this amazing mama & her babes! Your pieces were made for her 😩💛

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