Brittany Athena x Swirl Capsule

Brittany Athena x Swirl Capsule

We've given our popular loungewear a new look for the summer with our limited edition Swirl print. The print capsule contains our cult favourites: the Avalon Smock, Linen Lounge Set and Lounge Pants.

We knew the essence of this summery collection had to be captured correctly, so we reached out to the wonderful Brittany Athena to create some magic for us.

Brittany is a content creator we've admired for quite some time. Her beautifully crafted content transports you to another place, making you feel warm and cozy, with a touch of funky.

Read on as we interview Brittany regarding her career as an artist and enthusiasm for creating content for The Lullaby Club. Enjoy!

Launching 07.12.22, 10am AEST.

As it’s your first time shooting for TLC, tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into photography.

I got into photography in my early twenties, living in Southern California. I fell in love with nature and capturing organic images of my friends. I also can't walk by anything colourful without the urge to shoot!
You have such a beautiful and unique style of work. What is the root of your creative inspiration?

Thank you so much! My inspiration behind my creativity truly comes from my environment and love for life. Having a creative eye to me, means having the ability to show others everyday things in a different way.
What gravitates you to TLC as a brand?

What has gravitated me to TLC is the vibrant and organic branding, as well as seeing models that remind me of myself! It is so refreshing to see all body types in beautiful clothing online. I love that TLC has pieces for every woman!
What did you enjoy about capturing the Swirl Capsule collection?

I enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone while shooting the Swirl Capsule collection. As a photographer, I rarely get my photo taken. It was fun to be a model for the day, especially with my son by my side! The pieces were so fun and fit comfortably, immediately boosting my confidence. 
We hope you enjoyed taking a deep dive into Brittany x Swirl. Looking forward to seeing everyone rock their printed pieces this Summer.

You can find Brittany on instagram at @asunnymamaa and her photography website here. If you love her content as much as we do, be sure to give her a
follow and show some love!

Thank you,
From TLC team x
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